Oriental Fish Soup

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)


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Beat the egg together with the sesame seeds and spices. Put some oil in a frying pan and spread it well evenly. Pour the egg mixture on top.

Fry at high temperature for 1A minute until it has set in the center of the pan, so it is cooked flat and still a little bit soft (a point). stand for a few min and then remove.

Roll up the omelet and cut into narrow strips.

Stir through the celery, carrots, scallions and oil. Cover and cook at high temperature for 3 minutes.

Rinse the spinach thoroughly under cold running water. Remove long stems. Drain well. Cut the spinach into small pieces.

Add the hot clear soup, soy sauce, halibut and spinach to the vegetable mixture. Cover and simmer at high temperature for 5 min. Stir the soup and add seasoning. Serve hot in heated soup bowls together with the omelet strips sprinkled on top.

At the end of the cooking time, add the beaten egg without the sesame seeds to the hot clear soup. The egg will then form ribbons and threads, giving the soup a decorative flower-like appearance.

Tip: Stock up on a variety of high-quality spices – it pays off!

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