Buns with Savory Content

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 5.0 (servings)

Anchovy breadcrumbs:

Salmon roll:

Caviar bread:

Olive roll:

Spinach rolls:


Sichelrich you get even suggestions for eiegene creations. Normally, these rolls are baked from light wheat flour, but you can of course also try variations from whole wheat flour. Please use the basic roll recipe (basic recipe wheat rolls).

First, the savory ingredients are processed in the appropriate form, which are then added to the water together with the yeast and kneaded into the dough. Here are our suggestions, the quantities are for a roll recipe with 500g of flour.

Anchovy rolls:

Chop all ingredients into small pieces.

Salmon rolls:

Put the fresh salmon in a little boiling water and steep for 3 min. Cool the cooking water slightly and use it for the dough. The smoked salmon is chopped into pieces.

Put the fresh tomatoes in boiling water, steep briefly and then remove the skin. Grind them in a hand mixer.

Add the tomato puree, the cooking water and maybe the white wine to 33ml. Season with garlic and pepper and add the salmon pieces. Then prepare to the dough. Instead of 25g, better add 30-35g of yeast because the dough will be heavy.

Caviar breadcrumbs:

Press or possibly chop the garlic clove. Take 2 tablespoons of the water and add vodka instead. Add the remaining ingredients such as salt, caviar substitute, garlic and pepper to the dough.

Olive roll:

Finely chop the olives, further processing as described above.

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