Candied Florets

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Total time: 45 min



Even the ancient Romans knew that florets not only look beautiful and spread a bewitching fragrance. They let themselves taste the florets ditto. Therefore, let yourself be seduced by our delicious rose confection.

Freshly bloomed florets are cut off so that only a very short stem remains. Gently rinse the flowers under running tap water. While the florets are drying in the air, melt the liquorice powder into the rose water. Mix everything together at low temperature until it looks like syrup. Let the liquid cool down a little bit and wet the florets evenly with it from all sides. Sprinkle with fine granulated sugar and place in the sun to dry. This melts the fine sugar and candies the rose petals. This will turn the florets into a beautiful looking confection that you can keep cooled and use to garnish cakes, among other things.

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