Filet Stroganoff – with Game Meat

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Cut the fillet of venison into strips and fry briefly in the hot fat. Pour it into a suitable bowl, season with salt and pepper and keep it warm in the kitchen stove. Put the frying pan back on the stove, add the butter and fry the onion with the potato cubes. Extinguish with the cream and cook a little bit.

When the potatoes are hot, add the venison and warm it without making the sauce again.

Nowadays the filet stroganoff is prepared from beef fillet and enriched with various garnishes. However, this recipe is the original, named after the Russian diplomat Grogoriy Alexandrovich Count Stroganoff.


In 1827 Goethe meets with the Russian diplomat Grogorij Alexandrowitsch Count Stroganoff together. Goethe philosophizes: “Fame, my Lord Count, is a wonderful food for the soul: it strengthens and elevates the spirit, refreshes the mind, the weak human heart may therefore gladly feast on it. But one arrives on the way of the fame to the contempt of the same.”

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