Papardelle with Zucchini Sauce

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Total time: 45 min



A great pasta dish for any occasion:

Cook the dough from the ingredients up to and including salt as in the fettuccine recipe, but with the eggs add the oil in addition and roll out the sheets of dough to the second narrowest roller spacing of the pasta machine.

Dry on towels and cut pappardelle with the pasta wheel.

Sauté the shallot in the butter. Add zucchetti and sauté. Put aside some zest for garnish, add the rest with the cream and cook a little bit. Add the parmesan and season with salt and pepper.

Make the pappardelle al dente as in the fettuccine recipe.

Lift out of the water and add undrained to the sauce form. Turn to the other side with two forks, dilute with a little hot water if necessary, sprinkle with the zest set aside and bring to the table on the spot.

Variations: In addition to the many ways to enrich ready-made pasta, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to preparing the dough. For example, part of the white flour (at most a quarter) can be replaced by other flours such as spelt, chestnut or possibly rye flour. Also the eggs or possibly a part of them can be replaced by egg yolks. The principle is: three egg yolks or possibly one egg per hundred grams of flour.

And with the oil of the olive over nut, spice and herb oil up to the pumpkin seed oil a rich pallet is available. But also flavoring and coloring sic

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