Tyrolean Bacon Dumplings

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Total time: 5 min



Cut bread into small cubes and season with salt. Mix milk and eggs together (egg milk), pour over bread cubes, stir gently, cover and let stand for half an hour. Cut bacon into very small pieces and fry. Weigh hard sausage and add directly to bread form, cut off soft sausage and fry as well. Fry onions finely chopped in butter and add finely chopped kitchen herbs. Bacon, sausage and onions to the bread cubes form. Sprinkle flour on top, mix well and press together. The mixture should be rather firm, but not greasy. With wet hands form 8 to 12 dumplings large on the spot and turn well. It is advisable to first form a test dumpling in the lightly boiling beef broth and boil it down in about 12 min. The cooked test dumpling should be smooth on the outside and have a loose quantity on the inside. If the dumpling is too soft, add a small amount of flour and press harder when round. Dumplings that are too firm can be loosened with egg milk.

According to the old custom, the first dumpling is eaten in soup, the second with sauerkraut or turnip cabbage, the third with preserves or pork, the fourth with leaf salad. Then, if you can, start again from the beginning.

Our tip: Use bacon with a fine, smoky note!

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