Stuffed Zucchini Cutlet with Potato Salad and Curd Yogurt Cream

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



Clean the potatoes, make, remove the skin and cool a little bit, cut into thin slices and put in a large enough bowl.

Zucchinis rub well with kitchen paper, cut four longitudinal slices one centimeter thick.

Peel and core tomatoes and cut into wide fillets.

Remove seeds from peppers, clean and cut into fine cubes.

Remove skin from onion and cut into fine cubes.

Pluck basil.

Beat egg and mix. Heat clear soup.

Clean the chicory leaves.

Mix well curd cheese, yogurt and a little bit of chives and season with iodized salt and pepper.

Add onions, chives, a little bit of mustard and horseradish to the potatoes form.

Season with iodized salt and pepper, pour hot clear soup and mix loosely.

Add a little vinegar and rapeseed oil, fold in well and pull the lettuce.

Cover zucchini slices with butter cheese, put ham and basil leaves on top, season with pepper, put tomato fillets and cover with zucchini slice.

Flour everything together and pass through egg, turn in breadcrumbs to the other side and finish in hot clarified butter on both sides until golden brown.

Cut cutlets in half diagonally.


Arrange chicory leaves on flat plate to one side, heap curd yogurt cream on top.

Place the cutlets on the plate, arrange the potato salad next to it, place a slice of lemon on the cutlet and garnish with parsley.


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