Fish Stew – Caldeirada

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 12.0 (servings)




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About this dish, often mistakenly called fish soup, it must be said that its preparation is a great culinary responsibility. It starts with the selection of the fish, which must necessarily be fresh, cleaned and properly cut. For a first class caldeirada you need: Dogfish or possibly conger eel – monkfish – perch or possibly bream – gurnard – crab tails – skate – sardines and mussels. Calculate 300 g of fish per person, taking more large and less smaller fish.

1. take a big wide cooking pot.

First pour 2 dl of olive oil on the bottom of the pot, stir in 2 tbsp of strained tomatoes and cover with mussels (this will prevent them from burning). Layer half of the parsley and garlic, half of the onions, potatoes and peppers evenly on the mussels.

3. add the fish, arranging the firmer types of fish, such as skate and monkfish, at the bottom and the fragile types, such as bream and gurnard, at the top. Then place the sardines on top in a star shape.

4. layer the remaining onions, potatoes and peppers on top.

Spread the tomatoes evenly on top.

5. embed the crab tails in the tomatoes.

6. put onions and parsley as the last layer.

7. season the whole with salt and season with pepper. Piri bay leaves, piri, paprika

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