Turkish Vegetable Stew

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



A great zucchini recipe for every taste:

Rinse vegetables, clean. Cut peppers into 5 cm rectangles. Cut tomatoes crosswise, dip in boiling water and skin.

Cut tomatoes, zucchini and melanzane into 2 cm slices, onions into fine rings.

Sprinkle melanzane with salt and stand for 15 to 20 min, then dry with kitchen roll, season with pepper and turn lightly in flour on the other side. Fry lightly on both sides in hot olive oil on 2 or automatic heat 7 to 9, then place on kitchen roll to remove excess fat. Pre-cook the beans in lightly salted water for about 5 minutes, then rinse when cool and drain well.

Layer the vegetables alternately in 2 layers in a shallow casserole (O 28 cm), season with basil leaves, salt and pepper. Add 100 ml of water, close the casserole and cook in the oven until done.


200 to 220 °C , 2nd sliding rack v. U.

170 to 190 °C , convection oven

50 to 55 min.

After cooking, add chopped parsley and diced feta cheese to the vegetable pot Form and offer fresh pita bread with it.

Serve as a fish dish or cooled – drizzled with a little juice of a lemon – as an entrée.

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