Pigeon Kitchen Herb Curry – Geng Kae Nok Pirap

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Total time: 45 min


A selection from the following ingredients:


Garlic paste:


I N F O A memorable curry from northern Thailand, where the fresh culinary herbs soften the effect of the chilies. In the markets of Chiang Mai, there are stalls selling the appropriate vegetables and culinary herbs ready bundled and wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Include in this curry a few or all of the following ingredients: Wing beans, “betel” leaves, blanched bamboo shoots, various types of basil, pak chii farang, tiny bitter melons and various types of eggplant, depending on the quality, other ingredients are also used without hesitation. Therefore, spinach, arugula, blanched chicory or baby corn are more than suitable for the Western cook.

Instead of pigeon, you can prepare guinea fowl, quail or wild duck – or even eel, pork, rabbit, any freshwater fish or crab tails.

However, when choosing ingredients, not only quality plays a role, but also inspiration. The only constant is the seasoning – this simple curry is hot and salty.

First cook the curry paste, then grind the ingredients in the mortar for the garlic paste.

Bone the pigeon or bone it in the store, but take the bones and perhaps the giblets with you. Cut meat and giblets into thin slices. If you have time, rinse the bones, blanch them and then mix them with lemongrass and galangal root remnants for a short time.

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