Beef Roulades Asian

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



A bean recipe for every taste:

Dice peeled banana, drizzle with juice of one lemon and mix with diced cooked ham and crushed garlic cloves. Season with salt and curry powder.

Season the prepared beef slices with salt and ginger and brush with 1 tbsp. soy sauce. Spread the filling evenly on top. Roll up the meat, pin with skewers and fry in fat for 10 min. on all sides. Add beef broth and 1 tbsp. soy sauce and simmer for 1.5 hours.

Fill up the stew stock to 3/8 liter and thicken with cornstarch and creme fraiche. Season with salt, ginger and sugar.

Serve: Leaf salad of soybean sprouts and mandarin oranges in vinegar-oil marinade, long grain rice.

approx. 120 min.

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