Snowflake Cake

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Total time: 45 min


For the filling and for spreading:

For the snowflakes:

For sprinkling:

For the glaze:


For the snowflake cake, beat the eggs, powdered sugar and vanilla sugar until very foamy. Fold the flour into the fluffy mixture.

Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured cake tin (diameter 24cm) and bake at 180 degrees in a preheated oven for about 25 – 30 minutes. Allow the cake to cool after baking.

Cut the cooled cake horizontally in the middle and apply a thick layer of jam of your choice (or a cream). Place the second cake part back on top and spread a thin layer of jam all around the cake.

Melt the chocolate icing according to instructions and apply. In the meantime, make the snowflakes.

For this, beat the egg whites and sugar to a firm snow. Fill the mixture into a piping bag and pipe onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake in the preheated oven at about 120 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Stick the finished snowflakes with a little jam on the cooled cake icing. Sprinkle with plenty of powdered sugar and the winter snowflake cake is ready.

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