Mandarins in Grand Marnier

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)


Candied orange strips:


Pasta dishes are always a good idea!

Tangerines: Caramelize sugar. Add liquid, continue to simmer until sugar is dissolved. Add all the ingredients up to and including the carcade flowers, simmer with the lid closed for about half an hour. Add tangerines, bubble, gently simmer with lid closed for 8-10 min just below boiling point, turn a couple of times to the other side. Pull roasting pan off plate, cool mandarins in roasting juices, then refrigerate for 4-5 hours with lid closed, turn a few times in roasting juices to the other side.

Candied orange strips: thinly peel orange peel in one piece all around, blanch for 1-2 minutes, remove. Cut into fine strips with scissors, wrap around a bag made of parchment paper, place on a baking sheet. Dry in oven heated to 100 degrees for 45 min. Coat shell with egg white, turn to the other side in powdered sugar, press it a tiny bit smooth.

Serve: Pull tangerines apart slightly at top, remove intermediate membranes, spread tangerines evenly on dessert plates. Strain roasting juices, return to roasting pan, boil until syrupy, pour over tangerines, garnish. Serve with tangerine ice cream to taste.

Note: Carcade flowers are available at drug stores and health food stores.

Can be prepared: Cook tangerines the day before, keep in broth in refrigerator.

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