Stuffed Vine Leaves with Paradeissauce

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Total time: 1 hour


For the vine leaves:

For the sauce:


For stuffed grape leaves, precook the rice for half the indicated cooking time. Rinse the stuffed vine leaves well.

Coarsely chop pine nuts, almond flakes, raisins and apricots. Finely dice onion. Heat oil in a pan and sauté onion until translucent.

Add almonds, pine nuts, raisins, apricots and spices and continue to fry, stirring, until the onions have acquired some color.

Add rice, mix and season with salt. Lay vine leaves on top and place about a tablespoon of the mixture in the center.

Fold sides over and roll leaves up tightly from the stem base. Mix tomatoes and vegetable soup and bring to a boil briefly.

Place stuffed vine leaves in a saucepan and pour paradeis sauce over until all rolls are covered.

Weight down vine leaves with a plate and simmer for about 45 minutes. Turn off stove and let grape leaves steep for about 15 more minutes.

Arrange stuffed vine leaves with paradeiss sauce and serve.

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