Club Sandwich

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)

For the club sandwich:

For the sauce:


For the club sandwich, first prepare the sauce: To do this, mix the mustard and mayonnaise together and season with garlic and pepper.

Wash the lettuce leaves and drain well. Cut the chicken fillet into thin slices (about 0.8 cm wide), salt and fry in a pan with oil. Then keep warm. Fry the ham (or bacon) also in a pan with a little oil. Also crack the eggs into a pan and fry them at a low temperature to make fried eggs. At the same time toast the toast bread.

Once all the ingredients are prepared, spread the first slice of toast with some sauce and then top it in the following order: lettuce leaf, a sheet of ham, a layer of chicken, cheese, second toast with sauce, ham, lettuce, chicken, cheese, fried egg and finally the third toast. Repeat the process for the second serving.

Fix the club sandwich best with a skewer and serve.

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