Barley Semolina Couscous – Belboula

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 10.0 (Portionen)

For the couscous:



Soak the chickpeas in enough cold water for one night.

The following day, rinse the barley semolina and drain quickly. Spread evenly by hand on a large platter to separate the grains.

For the clear soup, rinse and dry the meat and cut it into pieces. Together with chickpeas, onion and salted water in the lower part of a couscous cooking pot form. Season with pepper and saffron. Form the barley semolina in the upper part of the pot and let the clear soup bubble up. When steam comes out of the cooking pot, steam the semolina for half an hour.

Meanwhile, peel the carrots and white turnips and cut them into strips.

Take out the semolina and again spread it evenly on the plate. Moisten and loosen with a little oil and then a little water to separate the grains. gradually add the remaining oil and water: Oil and water should be evenly distributed at the end. Let the semolina stand until the water is completely absorbed.

Set aside some clear soup. Add the carrots and white beets to the clear soup, add the quartered tomatoes, the raisins and the chopped coriander. If necessary, add more water. Add the semolina for the second time in the upper part of the pot form. Let the clear soup bubble up and steam the semolina for another half hour.

Then take it out repeatedly and cook evenly on the plate.

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