Sweet Mustard with Cinnamon and Honey

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Total time: 45 min



The be-all and end-all of any mustard preparation is the correct grinding of the grains into mustard flour. If you want to have a typical Bavarian sweet mustard, the mustard flour can be a little coarser, otherwise it must be ground very precisely.

For grinding, a normal coffee grinder with percussion mechanism is sufficient. This must be cleaned very precisely afterwards, otherwise your coffee may taste a little bit like mustard. In addition, you need an electric mixer, stirrer or hand mixer. For storage, nice little jars or clay pots are suitable.

Grind the mustard in intervals, so that the ground material does not become too warm and thereby different aroma components volatilize. You can grind the dry spices on the spot. So add coriander, cinnamon, tarragon and turmeric to the grinder with the mustard seeds. After 5 min meal, the mustard flour is mixed heartily with the remaining ingredients with the mixer or hand mixer. The mush, which is quite liquid at the beginning, soon solidifies due to the swelling mustard flour.

The initial sharpness is lost after 1 to 2 days and the mustard then unfolds its full flavor.

Due to the honey as well as the cinnamon, this mustard has a brownish color. Whom this disturbs, can compensate this with the yellow turmeric another time. Turmeric is even an important mustard spice. However, one should be careful with it, because it can easily overpower the other spices.

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