Vaud – Where the Sausage Is Not Just Sausage, 2/2

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Objection: certification is a long time coming – The Association Charcuterie Vaudoise, an association of pig breeders, butchers and sausage producers, aims to achieve the highest possible standard for Vaudois sausages with internationally recognized quality seals. The aim is, on the one hand, to monitor and guarantee the quality of the products and, on the other hand, to make the specialities better known. For the Saucisson vaudois and the Saucisse aux choux vaudoise the certificate Igp (indication geographique protegee, German: Gga = protected geographical indication) is aimed at, for the Boutefas vaudois the certificate Aoc (appellation d’origine controlee, German: Gub = protected designation of origin). In order to be allowed to label a product with these certificates, a lengthy and strict legally regulated procedure is required. Such products are recognized and protected as trademarks throughout Europe.

For Saucisson vaudois and Saucisse aux choux vaudoise, Igp means that the pigs must be raised and fattened in Switzerland, the sausage recipe must be strictly adhered to, and the sausages must be produced in the canton of Vaud. In the case of Saucisse aux choux vaudoise, the cabbage must also be grown in Switzerland.

The Aoc certificate has even stricter rules: the pigs must be raised, fattened and slaughtered in Vaud, the feed (cereals and whey) must also come from Vaud. Also hi

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