Saddle of Venison in Juniper Sauce

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Total time: 5 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Homemade spaetzle:



Preparing the saddle of venison: Place the saddle of venison with the meat side on the work surface and loosen the venison fillets (the small fillets) on the left and right side of the backbone. Carefully separate the two fillets with a long cut along the backbones without damaging the meat. Then remove any tendons. First loosen the skins that are loose on the back in the neck area. Remove them easily by pulling and making a few cuts. Remove the tendons that are firmly attached to the meat from the saddle to the neck in wide strips, guiding the knife edge underneath the tendons. Separate the tendons very thinly from the meat on both sides of the back. In order not to injure it, lift the tendons with a light pull on the spot and cut them off. Trim off the protruding belly flaps and fat deposits, cutting just along the ends of the back bones. Separate the two back fillets a tiny bit from the backbone, trimming the backbone back to the height of the fillets with scissors. To fix the carcass, poke a long skewer through the marrow of the backbone. This fixation is important to prevent the saddle of venison from deforming into a “swing” in the stove.

Especially the back of smaller animals, e.g. roe deer, fallow deer or deer calf can be roasted very well as a whole. Larger animals are more suitable for filleting and preparing in a variety of ways.

Clean the vegetables, chop them coarsely and mix them together.

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