Power Broth – Consomme

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Total time: 45 min



This clear soup, after its proper completion, is strong, beneficial to health and almost indispensable for the higher culinary art, and is used for all clear soups and sauces.

To prepare a complete consomme, cover the bottom of a casserole, which holds about 11 liters, with kidney fat and Spanish onions cut into slices as thick as a finger. Cut the ox meat from the tail and the veal from the leg into pieces, wash them clean and add them to the lean ham and wet them with half a ladleful of simple beef broth. The casserole is then put on a weak wind oven or possibly other coal fire, and the whole thing is allowed to steam gently until the clear soup has turned into glace and a light brown color appears at the bottom. Then fill the casserole a hand’s breadth from the edge with simple beef broth and let it do so gently from the side, while skimming the consomme very finely until no more impurity rises. During this time, the old chickens, the old field chickens or, in their absence, the old pigeons are roasted on a spit until half cooked, which are then added to the yellow turnips, parsley roots, celery and some porridge roots.

This broth is then left to simmer for 5 to 6 hours, hermetically sealed, and then it is degreased and slowly strained through a sieve.

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