Pickled Mustard Vegetables – Pak Gart Dong

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Total time: 45 min



I N F O The sour-salty mustard vegetable is suitable as an addition to curries, especially red ones, either plain or stir-fried with eggs, sugar and fried garlic. For a sweet-salty variant (as an addition to rice soup or salads), simply add 2 tablespoons of sugar.

RINSE mustard vegetables and remove leaves, cut stems and woody parts into small pieces and discard. Soak vegetables in salt water for one night to soften the coarse peppery flavor of the raw leaves, then drain. Dry them in the sun for a day or put them in the oven with the lights off for a night.

A day later, mix all the other ingredients in detail. When the sugar has dissolved, pour the liquid over the vegetables and cover. Ferment in the sun for 4 to 15 days, how long depends on the heat and cornstarch of the sunlight. Keep refrigerated – and rinse before using.

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