Mangalica Sauce with Beetle Bean Pumpkin Seed Oil Cream

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Total time: 1 hour

Servings: 10.0 (servings)


For the beetle bean cream:


For the cream, mix cooked beetle beans with pumpkin seed oil, horseradish, salt and pepper until well pureed and season to taste.

For the mangalitzasulz shoulder, knuckle and Brüsterl – covered with water – in a suitable saucepan zustellen and slightly wallend boil.

Skim off the rising foam again and again.

After about 1 hour, add root vegetables, spices and apple cider vinegar.

After about 2 hours, remove the softly cooked meat and the rinds from the stock.

Remove fat from the inside of the rinds.

Remove the knuckles from the bones.

Cut the rinds and root vegetables into 5 mm cubes.

Degrease (skim) the soup and reduce to approx. 500 ml and strain.

Allow 1 tablespoon of this liquid to cool thoroughly and check for firmness: If there is no cut firmness, you have to increase the gelling power by adding gelling agent (gelatine leaves or dry aspic).

Mix the broth and the ingredients (meat, roots) and pour into a suitable mold (or sausage casing).

Leave to cool in the refrigerator for a day.

Place the mold very briefly in very hot water and immediately turn out the brawn, cut into slices and serve with the beetle bean and pumpkin seed oil cream as well as the onion rings and the balsamic apple cider vinegar.

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