Wetting Bread

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Total time: 45 min



Wetting bread is a juicy food that keeps fresh for a long time.


From above ingredients make a dough, which should rest for 12 hours that the dough can develop (souring) then knead the dough softly, stand for 1 hour and break out pieces of dough moist by hand each according to weight liter pbd.2 pbd or possibly 3 pbd. And put in the ready wet bowl. And put into the oven at 3oo degrees.

While doing this, turn the bowl over so that the piece of dough falls onto the baking surface. Since the dough is soft, it comes apart to form a loaf. At the same time, steam is blown into the oven to keep the dough skin supple or to protect it from crusting.

After 2 minutes, the steam is repeatedly released to prevent the bread from cracking.

Baking time approx 1-1, 5 hours at 300 °C History: Approximately since in about L900, netted bread is baked preferably in the south area.


Earlier the baking ovens – stone ovens were heated with brushwood, wood briquette mainly beech logs (direct firing).

In the past the bread was baked without loosening, therefore it was hard. Since ca l950 there are the modern circulating air, ovens, direct fire, gas and electric heated.

I prefer this bread exceptionally because it is juicy and keeps fresh for a long time.


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