Marinade for Grilled Trout

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)


Herb vinaigrette:


For the marinade, cut all the spices into small pieces, pluck the parsley, press the garlic through a press. Peel the zest from the lemon and lime with a chiseler. Put the spices with olive oil and soy sauce in a large enough bowl. In this marinade form the trout – knead the whole thing heartily and cover it in a cool place (not in the refrigerator) for at least 10 hours.

For the herb vinaigrette, clean, dry and chop the kitchen herbs and mix with oil, lime juice, clear soup, vinegar and agave syrup. If you like, add a little mustard.

After marinating, grill the trout on the broiler for 8 minutes on each side, then serve with herb vinaigrette and pita bread. Important: The charcoal must be properly cooked – i.e. the charcoal must be almost white!

Tip: Always use aromatic spices to refine your dishes!

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