Gaemschipfaeffer – Uri

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (Portionen)



An autumnal hunting dish in the old Uri style.

Emil Stadler: Mr. Walker from Gurtnellen was lucky on the hunt: he brought home a chamois yesterday! Thereupon Mrs. Walker is about to prepare a part of it to Gemspfeffer. She cuts the meat into ragout pieces. Then she puts the red wine, the vinegar, the root vegetables and the spices into an earthenware pot and puts the pieces of meat into this liquid so that they are completely covered by it. In this pickle they remain for two to three days or even longer, maturing towards the longed-for feast.

When the time comes, Mrs. Walker takes out the meat, dries it well, and then sears it well on all sides in hot fat.

She then boils the drained Beizi in a frying pan and adds the browned pieces of meat. If they are not completely covered by the liquid, our cook adds a little red wine.

In the meantime, she roasts flour without fat in a frying pan until dark brown, then adds it to the frying pan with the meat and lets the whole thing cook together. Once the meat is cooked, Ms. Walker pokes the pieces of meat out of the sauce and keeps it warm. Now she strains the sauce, tastes it with a pinch of sugar and the necessary spices and pours it over the meat.

This is accompanied, of course, by boiled potatoes or polenta, and with a hearty gulp of “Italiaener” pour the friends that Walkers have invited,

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