Sopa Tarasca – Bean Soup

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (servings)



Maybe your new favorite bean dish:

Soak the borlotti beans in water for one night.

The next day, bubble the beans with the soaking water, simmer on low heat with the lid closed for sixty to seventy-five minutes, skimming off foam from time to time. Mash the beans with the cooking liquid and the chicken soup.

Score the tomatoes crosswise on the round side, dip them in boiling water in a slotted spoon until the skin comes off, rinse under cold water. Skin the tomatoes, remove the stem in a circle, cut into small cubes. Grind the tomatoes and the onions in a hand blender.

Heat the oil, add the tomato puree, cook gently over low heat for a few minutes, add to the bean puree form, cook gently over low heat for fifteen minutes. Season to taste.

Toast tortilla strips in oil until crisp. Arrange bean soup in heated bowls or possibly plates. Evenly distribute chiles, feta, tortilla strips and tea herb over the top.

Substitute grated cheddar for variant feta. Garnish soup with a little crème fraîche. Add some avocado cubes as garnish.

(*) Chile pasilla: dried, almost black chile.

(**) Epazote: lat. Chenopodium ambrosioides, is also called Mexican tea herb, also Jesuit tea. Aromatic, difficult to replace.

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