Salmon and Monkfish in Clay Package

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



1. chop kitchen herbs: Dry the washed herb leaves well and chop them into small pieces with a heavy kitchen knife. Susanne Vössing’s unit of measure: There must be enough to fill a small espresso cup (90 ml). Cover the cup airtight with plastic wrap, set the culinary herbs aside.

2. clean the monkfish: Rinse the cooled fish, dry, skin with a sharp kitchen knife until the white flesh is completely exposed. This takes time: the fish has seven skins! Cut 60g of the fillet into 8 thin slices and season with salt. Freeze the remaining fish.

3. clean the salmon: Rinse cooled side of salmon, dry and skin. Carefully remove the fat deposits over the center bone with a kitchen knife. Straighten the sides of the length still.

4. de-grain: Turn the salmon side over to the other side. Run a kitchen knife across the meat against the grain, the last small bones will stand up. Carefully pluck them out with tweezers.

Cut out the center piece from the cleaned side of the salmon: 15 cm00 g.

5. incision: The piece of fish must be evenly high to cook evenly. Therefore, you only need the middle piece. It is cut in the middle, but not through, so that the tension during cooking is not too great. You will use the rest of the salmon elsewhere.

6. cut pockets: On each outside of the center piece, now cut m

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