Tabouleh Pointed Peppers

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Soak bulgur in water for 1 hour. Pour off any excess water.

Rinse parsley and mint, toss dry. Pluck off mint leaves and chop finely, as well as parsley. Rinse the spring onions and cut into fine rings.

3. rinse the pointed peppers, cut the tops into small pieces, remove the stalk and seeds 4. place the bulgur in a suitable bowl and mix with the chopped spring onions. Knead with your hands so that the flavor is transferred to the bulgur.

5. crumble feta cheese and add with thyme and parsley.

Stir a marinade from the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper and pour over the bulgur mixture form.

Rinse the tomatoes, remove the stalk, dice and stir in with the grated Emmental.

8. fill the pointed peppers and put them on the broiler and grill for 20-half hour.

Spring onions mint ::Time needed : : 50 min + 1 h soaking time ::Preparation : : 20 min ::Cooking time : : 20 min ::Cost : : 2 # ::Per person : : 256 kCal :

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Our tip: As an alternative to fresh herbs, you can also use frozen ones – they also stand out for their fresh taste!

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