Pan Fried Bean Sprouts

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



The protein-rich sprouts of the mung bean can be cooked or possibly eaten as a leaf salad. The Chinese always make them, if likewise only very briefly, so that they remain nice and crisp.

If the bean sprouts need to be kept in the refrigerator, rinse just before using.

Heat the wok over high heat, pour in the oil and toss. Sauté the white scallions, then add the ginger. Add the bean sprouts and stir-fry at a good temperature for 2-3 minutes, turning continuously. Sprinkle the salt on top and fold in the green scallions. By this time, the bean sprouts have oozed little juice and are still firm and crunchy.

Arrange them on a warm platter, drizzle the soy sauce or oyster sauce over them and bring to the table.

Do not overcook the bean sprouts or they will become soft and unappealing. You can also not freeze them, because when reheated they completely lose their “bite”.

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