Grilled Beef and Siamese Cassia Curry – Geng Kii Lek

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Total time: 45 min




I N F O Mom Leuang Sae Gritsadtagorn was born in 1904. She was descended from a second regency family and was one of the first women of her generation to be educated in a girls’ school rather than in the cool arcades of a palace.

She then married one of Rama Iv’s many grandsons and led the conventional and rather mundane life of a woman of her class.

Her husband died quite young, however, and she was faced with the task of raising her four children. She then subdivided her family’s land, built several houses and sold them to finance her kids’ education.

Mom Leuang Sae, who took the greatest pleasure in cooking, occasionally did so for the king and queen, whose maid-of-honor she was. When she died in 1980, she had filled several thick volumes with her favorite recipes. Here follows one of them.

Blanch Siamese cassia 3 to 5 times cooled with salt and renew water until it is no longer so caustically bitter (it should taste like good tea). save a few tbsp of the last blanching water. Pick the leaves from the stems – you should have about 250 ml. They will keep blanched in the refrigerator for 1 week. Next, cook the paste.

Grill the beef until rare and set aside. Bring the coconut cream to a boil, lower the temperature and simmer over low heat, stirring throughout, until the cream is separated. Add 3 tbsp paste and stir meh

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