Fruit Dumplings with Curd Dough and Breadcrumbs

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the fruit dumplings, first prepare the curd dough. For the curd dough, heap the flour on the work surface and add the thea (room temperature) in pieces. Crumble the flour and butter and add the curd. Knead the ingredients well.

When a homogeneous dough is obtained, it is best to let it rest a little. Then cover each fruit with the curd dough and put it into boiling salted water.

When all the dumplings are in the water, let them boil once and then let them steep for about 20 minutes on low heat.

For the breadcrumbs, put any amount of breadcrumbs and sugar in a large pan and mix with a little oil. On a very low flame now brown the crumbs a little.

Do not turn up the heat too hot, as the breadcrumbs burn very easily. Finally, take the dumplings out of the salted water one by one and roll them directly in the breadcrumbs.

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