Grey Goose with Apples

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Total time: 45 min



Pluck the goose, gut it, remove the fat glands from the rump, rinse well and rub dry. Season the inside with salt and dust with marjoram. Cut three apples into cubes, chop three onions coarsely and mix. Fill the belly cavity of the goose with the mixture and close it with a small skewer. Season the goose very well with salt and lightly with pepper, put it in a roasting pan with the remaining apple-onion mixture and add wine and clear soup. Stew at a good temperature for 150 to 180 minutes with the lid closed. From time to time water and finally let it brown for about 10 min without lid. In the meantime, cut two apples into slices and roast them in butter. Cut the goose into pieces and serve on a platter with red cabbage and roasted potatoes. Mix four to five tablespoons of gravy with apple pieces into the red cabbage and pour the rest of the sauce into a sauce boat. Garnish the dish with the roasted apple slices and drink an elegant Rheingau Riesling with it.

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